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P7.62 Indoor Led Screen In Philippines

P7.62 Indoor Led Screen In Philippines,best indoor SMD P7.62 led screen
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Location : Philippines
Mode : P7.62 indoor led screen display
Statement : On April. 30th .2007, 

We delivered indoor full color LED display to Philippines for advertisement, the  Philippine purchaser as end customer is mainly in charge of a big shopping mall. After comparing with various displays, he thought LED display got the advantages over other displays as the following 4 aspects: green product (protecting environment), economizing energy, long life-span, and appropriate specification wanted. We used fit fixable installation in the shopping mall, transparent floor and picture of display can interact to obtain overwhelming visual shock. The indoor LED display screen mainly displays fashionable dressing, bag and shoes, unique hair style and other unusual designs. Through spreading advertising, the shopping mall always keeps abreast with fashionable style, which can impress us extremely.

Feedback :As our company offered customers considerate and free training services such as technique, installation and maintenance , the customer approved of our service. We all the time keep honest and insistent toward our clients, so we feel happy be assistant in customers position. 

Frequently Asked Questions by our customers
  • q What is LED display, LED cabinet, LED module, LED pixels
    • A The LED display is the final completed product for advertising or information showing, it was composed by a certain rows and lines of unit LED cabinet; the unit LED cabinet were composed by module certain quantity of LED modules, each LED module were composed by 16*16/16*8/8*8/4*4/1*1 LED pixels; each LED pixels were composed by 2R1G1B/2R2G1B/2R1B/2R1G/2R/1R Etc.
  • q 2. What is virtual pixel, real pixel?
    • A Real LED pixel is the physical LED pixel; virtual LED pixel is theoretically 4 times higher than real LED pixel. Actually, the real effect of the virtual pixel is not really 4 times better. It is only a much better, but not really can be 4 times better. When you LED display system is more than 640*480pixels, actually you don’t need to use virtual pixel if you plan to use the whole LED display for one advertising contents, but if you plan to divide a big LED screen into small sections for many advertising contents, the virtual pixel is still Very necessary and useful for you to achieve much better effect.
  • q 3. What is dot correction, why it is better than the common control system
    • A Dot correction is a new technology and will be the direction of future LED display industry. The much more improved color consistence& high fresh frequency make it be the only solution for high level advertising need.
  • q 4. How to choose the rational product model of the LED display
    • A Corresponding with the LED display’s best viewing distance, size, application & installation, there will be many optional product models fit for each specific project. ROI & Budget is also very important factors.
  • q 5. What is best viewing distance, how to calculate the best viewing distance of the LED display
    • A Best viewing distance refers to the distance from the LED display, where the people can see a whole and clear picture of the image on the LED display. There’s 2 ways to calculate the best viewing distance: one is by the pixel pitch, one is by the diagonal. There’s also the reason why there’s different viewing distance for same model LED display, also different viewing distance for same size LED display.
  • q 6. Why there's different viewing distance for same model of the LED display
    • A 2 ways to calculate the best viewing distance: one is by the pixel pitch, one is by the diagonal. There’s also the reason why there’s different viewing distance for same model LED display, also different viewing distance for same size LED display.
  • q 7. How to achieve the free online support:
    • A 1>Download our remote control software.
      2>Install the remote control software.
      3>After installation, you will get your PC's IP address and your password,
      4>Offering our service dept your PC's IP address and your password,
      5>Then we can remote control your PC,
      and show you how to make the correct hardware and software set up and program making.
  • q 8.Our Online service includes:
    • A 1>Controlling software using of the LED screen system.
      2>Program making of the LED screen system.
      3>Perimeter set up of the LED screen system.
  • q 9. How to get the free field service support?
    • A 1> Please contact with our serving dept, we will arrange and give you a time table on the field service support in 2 days.
      2>APOLLOMI can offer you the fastest ,the most normative
      & integerated field service support and help you concentrate more time and
      energy on your main LED screen's maketing promotion business.
      3> APOLLOMI & the customer need to sign a free field service support when signing the contract of the order.
      4> APOLLOMI& the customer should specify the time of field service support and the cost sharing items
  • q 10. What is RCG, What is CON?
    • A RCG & CON is the 2 most important LED display screen system’s basic set up. For each LED display screen, it has only one RCG &CON file. If you lose it or break it, please contact with APOLLOMI service dept for the file again
  • q 11.How to calculate brightness of each lamp under the conditions of definite brightness and pixel density ?
    • A The calculating methods as below: ( for example: 2R,1G, 1B)
      Red LED lamp brightness: brightness (CD)/M2÷dots/M2×0.3÷2
      Green LED lamp brightness: brightness (CD)/M2÷dots/M2×0.6
      Blue LED lamp brightness: brightness (CD)/M2÷dots/M2×0.1
      For example: 2500dots/sqm, 2R1G1B, brightness requirement 5000 CD/M2, so:
      Red LED lamp brightness: 5000÷2500×0.3÷2=0.3
      Green LED lamp brightness: 5000÷2500×0.6÷1=1.2
      Blue LED lamp brightness: 5000÷2500×0.1=0.2
      Brightness per pixel: 0.3×2+1.2+0.2=2.0 CD
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